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Golembiovskiy Yuriy Michislavovich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, sub-department of systems engineering, Saratov State Technical University (Saratov, 77 Polytechnique str.),
Kosterev Andrey Aleksandrovich, Postgraduate student, Saratov State Technical University (Saratov, 77 Polytechnique str.),
Bespalov Nikolay Nikolaevich, Candidate of engineering sciences, head of sub-department of automatics,
Mordovia State University named after N. P. Ogaryov (Saransk, 63 Proletarian str.),

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The Object of research is parallel operation of independent single-phase inverters of current for the common induction furnace. Research subject is the analysis of the transition and set electromagnetic processes in the course of operational adaptation of structure of the multimodular power supply of the induction furnace to the loading parameters changing in the course of melting. Operation purpose is to increase the efficiency of use of the power equipment, its reliability and service life. The researches were conducted with the use of the PSIM system of computer simulation. Results of work: 1) the authors have researched the change of the power consumed by the induction furnace in the course of melting of ferrous metals; have isolated the temperature zones with power consumption relation 2:3:1; 2) the researchers have developed a computer model of three-module system of power supply of the induction furnace in PSIM system; 3) the researchers have investigated dynamic processes of operational reorganization of the structure of parallel-operating inverter modules in the event of change of value and character of loading; have suggested two options of adaptation strategy of the structure of a multimodular power supply to the inductor parameters changing in the course of melting. The results of researches given in the article can be used by the project organizations and firms to create new perspective power supplies of induction melting plants. 

Key words

induction plant, inverter, rectifier, reconstructed structure, parallel work.

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